All of the music listed below are original works composed and performed by Jim Young. All music is available to be played here or you can subscribe to the Ambient Alchemy Podcast to be sure to get my latest ambient music. Please give me a credit if you want to use my music for anything.

Head Wind

When the mind is still all that is left to hear is head wind. Shutdown the chatter, open the doors and follow the breeze.

The Calling

Way back in my mind, if I can calm the surface ripples, I can still hear that primal ancient sound - A reminder, a calling from the permanency of the soul.

Number 3

I'm prepared to take the trip. How about you? Walk on down to the station, and get on board the #3 train to ambient smoothness.

Yellow Afternoon

On these hot, late summer days the world simmers while the mind wanders into a pale shade of yellow.

Incomplete Dream

A dream that ends, yet never ends. To wake up wanting more of the dreamscape, a rich adventure you can just barely recall and that's quickly fading.


To leave Earth. To go beyond mere orbit. A beginning of a journey to the infinite stars.

Passing The Moon

As the pull of Earth wanes, we wander pass the Moon. That mysterious orb. Half hidden, half shown. Possessing no light of its own.

Say Goodbye

Looking back, Earth and Moon diminish as we head away from our terrestrial origin. Say goodbye forever. We are never going back.


Music between worlds.


Sign off to another year with hope and promise for the future.